VALDOBIKE Valdobbiadene, amidst the Prosecco hills, VALDOBIKE comes to life, just a pedal away.

A new eco-friendly frontier for immersing oneself, discovering, and being carried away in the most enchanting places of Valdobbiadene and its surrounding villages, all while respecting and empathizing with the environment.

There is no better place to rent your electric e-bike and venture into nature, observing the land through a different lens – one that allows you to effortlessly pedal and experience the assisted pedaling, offering anyone, even without specific training, the chance to access sensations of peace, balance, awareness, and discovery. Not only does it allow exploration of a prestigious and renowned territory, a land full of charm, historical and artistic allure, but it also enables capturing the essence of what is observed, multiplying the pleasure of harmoniously seeing and feeling nature.

VALDOBIKE stems from the passion for two wheels, a love for nature, and the desire to enable everyone to experience the UNESCO heritage site of VALDOBBIADENE.

Sustainability and Environmental Respect
We are committed to protecting the environment and preserving the natural beauty of Valdobbiadene. By renting our electric bicycles, you can contribute to reducing environmental impact while discovering the region in a sustainable and nature-respecting manner.

Discover the magic of Valdobbiadene's vineyards with Valdobike and create precious memories as you pedal through vine-covered hills and historic cellars. We are excited to provide you with a unique electric bike experience amidst the vineyards, where the scent of Prosecco blends with the fresh countryside air. We can't wait to welcome you and share the beauty of this corner of vinicultural paradise!