ROUTES / Valdobbiadene - Mountain Cesen and Mountain Barbaria

Pianezze, The Prealpi Route, and 3 Alpine Huts. A 3-hour 45 km loop itinerary with 1520m of elevation gain, excellent fitness required, and advanced riding skills. Mainly off-road path for nature enthusiasts.

Starting from Valdobbiadene and proceeding to Pianezze on the southern slope of Mount Cesen, crossing Malga Molvine and heading towards Mount Orsere, where you can admire the spectacular Venetian plain and the famous Venice lagoon, the Fantastic Feltrine Peaks with Mount Pavione and Cima D'Asta in the Logorai, and then the view of Mount Zogo. Descending through the Mariech Pass with the arrival at Malga Mariech, and continuing towards Malga Barbaria.
Advanced riding skills are required.